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4 reason why retailers should ditch paper receipts

Posted by Dina Teeti on Jul 2, 2019 1:59:11 PM
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It is undeniable that technology is changing the world as we know it. From the way we live, work and even shop, more people are choosing to embrace the change digital solutions have to offer and choosing to go paperless. 

With major revelations exposing the hidden costs of paper, simple things like a printed receipt has become a major topic of conversation on a global scale. But what are the implications of paper receipts? And why should retailers go digital? 

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1. Customers hate them

Paper receipts are small, they pile up and they get lost. During a simple shopping trip customers could accumulate over twenty receipts which although are small in size, need to be saved and stored for future reference. What with their small size, and the tendency of most people to just throw them out, paper receipts are inconvenient and simply a waste of paper. 

For retailers it’s all about customer experience. To keep customers happy and coming back, retailers need to focus on improving their services and giving customers what they want. In this case, an alternative to wasting time and money printing out piles of receipts that end up lost or in the trash.

2. Hidden Costs

Retailers around the world spend billions on paper printing receipts. The ramifications on the environment and costs on retailers are overwhelming. Reports show that over 300 billion receipts are printed each year with a devastating environmental cost attached. In the US alone that translates into 3 million trees, 9 billion gallons of water, and generates over 4 billion pounds of COS, and 302 million pounds of solid waste, costing retailers millions of dollars in the process. While for major retail chains these numbers might not break the bank, for smaller retailers saving on paper receipts can have a major impact.

3. Health Risks

The environment isn’t the only thing suffering. Receipts are printed on thermal paper which contains trace levels of bisphenol A (BPA) which can be absorbed by the skin. Although there have been efforts to curb the use of this hormone disrupting chemical in Europe and North America, it is still widely used despite its harmful cancerous effects. To add to this, BPA coated papers cannot be recycled adding to further contamination and pollution of the earth.

4. Legislation

Many campaigns around the world are gaining traction by raising awareness about the harmful effects of BPA coated thermal paper. For example, Green America’s Skip the Slip campaign is working to reduce paper waste and curb the use of toxic compounds on thermal paper. While in Europe efforts to limit the use of BPA have been far more extensive. A new measure passed by the European Union seeks to restrict the use the BPAs on thermal paper starting as of 2020.

Go digital today!

For retailers switching over to digital comes with a range of benefits including, targeted marketing campaigns, improved customer loyalty, increased sales and potentially saving millions on paper costs. While customers can avoid the hassle of searching through what may seem to be an endless amount of old receipts printed on toxic thermal paper.

Go paperless with Receet! If you are interested in taking the next step and embracing fast, efficient and secure digital receipts contact us today! 

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