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Posted by Dina Teeti on Dec 26, 2019 5:36:32 PM
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Join the Digital Revolution and Go Paperless with Receet

For millions of us around the world, going shopping has become synonymous with collecting receipts. You buy something you get a receipt back. It’s a tale as old as time. For tax or budgetary purposes, you have to save months’ or even years’ worth of receipts - which I think we can all agree, can turn into a colossal chore just to keep up with and especially organize.

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Receipts, More Than Just Pieces of Paper

Paper receipts are non-recyclable. In fact, receipts are printed on thermal paper, coated with the Bisphenol A, otherwise known as BPA. Before discussing the chemical, it is important to note that everyday millions of receipts are printed on paper which is taking a major toll on ecosystems around the world. From the destruction of millions of tress to the consumption of billions of gallons of water, and the production of billions of pounds of CO2 released into our atmosphere to the millions of pounds of waste produced, simply put the environmental costs of printed receipts are overwhelming and unsustainable.  

Moving beyond the environment, receipts are printed on thermal paper coated with BPA.  Now this chemical is a known endocrine disrupter and prolonged contact with it is linked to a range of health risks associated with neurological and immune system disorders. 


Go Digital with Receet

For Users:

Why risk your health and the future of the world on harmful chemical receipts when you can go digital with Receet, where you can skip the slip and become part of the solution with fast, reliable and dynamic receipts.


Receet is a mobile application that offers users everywhere an alternative solution to paper and email receipts, where the user gets a smart digital receipt pushed right to their phone instead using QR Code, Bluetooth and NFC Technologies. The experience is designed for users to access, organize and track their digital receipts simply with a tap. 


With Receet you no longer have to wait long lines and then give away your personal information with no assurances that it will remain confidential. You will be able to help save million of tress and you will have access to a great tool that will help track your expenses and better manage your finances. 


For Businesses: WhatsApp Image 2019-12-25 at 2.44.14 PM

Receet is also optimized for businesses to better reach out to  their customers. Receet connects to the POS system at any retail location and after the completion of a sale, customers instantly receive their digital receipt. 


With Receet, retailers have the power to not only go green but save millions on paper in the process. The perks of adopting Receet’s digital solution goes beyond convenience for customers. In fact, with Receet retailers can up their marketing game, and better create personalized offers based on consumer behavior and purchasing trends. But what sets Receet’s platform apart is their deep customization interface. With the platform, retailers have the power to customize and design smart digital receipts and even add cross-sell or up-sell marketing content that appeals to the individual customer. 


Receet is The MENA region’s (and the world's ) first digital receipt solution that seamlessly connects with the POS system at any retail location to give you fast, reliable and dynamic digital receipts. Skip the slip and switch to Receet today! 

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Did you know?

That every year over 70 billion receipts are being printed in the United States alone? That equals to: 

  • 3 million trees.

  • 9 billion gallons of water.

  • 4 billion pounds of CO2 released into the atmosphere.

  • 302 million pounds of waste.

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