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Green America’s Skip the Slip

Posted by Dina Teeti on Aug 18, 2019 12:19:37 PM
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Green America’s latest efforts to steer the nation towards a more environmentally sustainable future, has led to the passing of bill AB161, otherwise known as Skip the Slip.

Skip the Slip kicked-off as a small campaign focused on bringing change to the state of California. The campaign was all about raising awareness regarding the extreme environmental and health costs of paper receipts. Skip the Slip gained momentum as the campaign upped its efforts by inspiring retailers and consumers across the state to ditch toxic paper receipts and adopt more eco-friendly solutions.  

However, what began as a small state-wide campaign has since evolved into a major national movement with a global impact. Skip the Slip is inspiring retailers and consumers across the nation, and even the world to ditch paper receipts and go digital.

Environmental Costs of Paper Receipts

Although receipts may seem like harmless pieces of paper, the environmental costs attached are overwhelming. To put this in perspective, in the United States alone over

·     3 million trees used.

·     9 billion gallons of water consumed. 

·     4 billion pounds of CO2 released into the atmosphere. 

·     302 million pounds of waste produced.

To make matters worse receipts are printed on thermal papers treated with BPAs. As a result, tossing thermal receipts into the recycling bin can: 

·     Contaminate non-toxic paper during the recycling process.

·     Contaminate water supplies.

·     Cause BPA chemicals to seep into water treatment facilities, leaving trace amounts of untreatable toxins. 

Health Costs of Paper Receipts 

Paper receipts are printed on thermal paper that contains trace amounts of BPA and BPS chemicals. Prolonged contact with these chemicals can lead to a series of irreversible health risks. 

Green America reports that BPA and BPS chemicals act as endocrine disrupters putting one’s hormonal system out of balance. This can cause a series of potential neurological and immune system problems, fertility and birth defects, future learning disabilities, and even thyroid disruptions causing diabetes. 

Movements to Ban BPA and BPS Chemicals

Attempts to reduce and even ban BPA and BPS from common household products have been extensive. This extends to the use of these harmful chemicals on printed receipts. In the U.S. attempts to ban the use of BPAs have gained significant popularity amongst both consumers and retailers. However, they fell short on several fronts. 

While BPA and BPS chemicals are proven to cause a series of irreversible health risks, U.S. legislation adopted a firm stance that the trace amounts didn’t warrant a change in policy. 

On the other hand, banning BPA has gained considerable traction in Europe, with the EU short of outright banning the chemical, has at least passed legislation that would prevent its use on printed receipts by 2020. 

Reluctance to Embrace Digital Receipt

Despite the overwhelming ramifications associated with printed receipts there still remains a reluctance among many consumers and retailers to fully embrace going digital. One reason is the lack integrated POS systems across retail locations. As a result, retailers remain relatively disconnected from each other, and completely disconnected from the consumer.

Another major reason causing some consumers to shy away from digital receipts has to do with security. For many consumers sharing personal information with retailers raises serious privacy and security concerns.

Why go digital

For retailers and consumers around the world, the answer is simple, go paperless. But in today’s day and age that isn’t enough. Consumers demand solutions that are dynamic, accessible, and personalized. Solutions that keep them updated with their purchase history and as a result can anticipate their shopping habits and needs. 

In what is a win-win for both retailers and consumers, tech-startup Receet provides a reliable and secure solution which integrates directly with the retailer’s POS system to offer consumers everywhere dynamic digital receipts.

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