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Aldo does away with paper bags and our privacy

Posted by Leila Farraj on Oct 9, 2019 1:42:39 PM


Receet’s Dina Teeti shares her recent experience at an Aldo’s (a North American chain of shoe and accessories stores), when offered to skip the slip.

Retailers around the world are choosing to skip the slip and switch to digital receipts. For retailers, the opportunity to go green and cut out unnecessary paper costs is a major selling point. And while I am all for embracing eco-friendly solutions, privacy and security concerns are always at the top of my list. 

The fear of having my personal data misused and even leaked is a major concern not only for myself, but I can imagine for other consumers. But what really are the risks of digital receipts? And what does this mean for consumers?


From Skip the slip to Skip the bagaldo-shoebox-eco-friendly

On my recent trip to the U.S. I stopped by an Aldo’s store to pick up a pair of sunglasses, and as I was getting ready to pay, the sales assistant asked me two things that made me realize the impact environmental initiatives are having, at least in stores in the U.S.  

First, I was asked if I wanted to purchase a reusable bag as I was informed that the store no longer offered shopping bags. To fully embrace green solutions, and cut costs, Aldo stores now offer their customers the option of purchasing a reusable canvas bag for one dollar instead. And what really stood out for me after doing some research on this matter was Aldo had actually completely redesigned their shoe boxes in 2008 to include a carry away handle to make it easier for their customers to forego shopping bags, however, it took them almost 11 years to finally breakup with single-use shopping bags and finally embrace this eco-friendly change. 

With this bold move Aldo is keeping 8M shopping bags out of landfills each year. That is the equivalent of 500 tons of paper & plastic, 114,000,000 paper airplanes and 8500 trees.


Aldo’s Digital Receipts

While I was impressed with Aldo’s alternatives to shopping bags, their digital receipt campaign on the other hand caught me off guard. As I finished paying for my purchase, the sales assistant asked if I would like a receipt, which of course I did. However, she informed me that Aldo passed a new policy that would completely do away with paper receipts and adopt a digital option, which seemed exciting at first. However, store policy required customers to provide their e-mails to receive the receipt, which I can honestly say, I wasn’t too comfortable with.   


Security and Privacy Concerns

With the possibility that my information might be sold to third party ad networks, I seriously thought twice about providing my email address. However, the sales assistant assured me that my information would remain private and only used to send out my receipt. The process ended up taking a considerable amount of time, and I can only imagine how inconvenient this would be for customers in a rush.  

Although I wasn’t flooded with spam e-mails, within few days of the purchase, my Inbox started filling up with Aldo ads. The problem was that I was receiving generic ads about in-store sales, that I was not interested nor did I sign up for. 


While I appreciated the fact that Aldo was adopting greener solutions, my experience with their e-receipts was a bit disappointing to say the least. 


Digital Receipts with Receet

While Aldo adopted e-receipts, there are alternatives out there. For example, with Receet, retailers won't need to collect any additional information to deliver your receipt. In fact, customers can instantly get their receipts via Receet’s dedicated application. And what sets Receet apart is that they work with the in-store POS system to not only provide dynamic receipts, but to deliver personalized offers based on previous purchases.

Receet will keep your sensitive information safe and provide a tailor-made experience for individual consumers everywhere. 


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Did you know?

The environmental Cost of Paper Receipts?

  • 3 million trees used.
  • 9 billion gallons of water consumed. 
  • 4 billion pounds of CO2 released into the atmosphere. 
  • 302 million pounds of waste produced.

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